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Credit Terms        Available Our top-notch guarantees help you to enjoy risk free purchases:  The Export Computer Exchange has a multi-level product guarantee standard. 1. ECE ships only tested equipmentEquipment is tested and confirmed working before being prepared for shipment (except when equipment is sold as working pulls). 2. ECE bears up to 10% of risk during shippingOur sales agreement contain a 10% breakage allowance to cover small problems that may arise from shipping. (Usual breakage percentage on exported equipment is between 2%-3%). 3. ECE gives 90% working guarantee to buyer’s locationECE stands behind all our products and gives a standard 90% working guarantee to the buyer’s locations (unless otherwise stated on the offer and contract for a specific shipment). 4. ECE gives 10 day D.O.AAll equipment has a standard 10 day D.O.A. (ten day dead on arrival) clause to allow you, the customer, time to test equipment. 5. ECE gives damage control guaranteeIf you do find damage in the shipment exceeding 10% contact us.  (Excluding equipment when it is sold ‘AS IS’, untested, or working pulls. You will receive this form upon arrival of equipment). Our Guarantee  Recieve Our Daily Offers English Español onico
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